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Mood Swings

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Benefits of Green Tea in Menopause Relief

Don't PauseGreen tea comes from the same plant that is used to make black tea but is far less processed. Once the tea leaves for green tea are picked, they are immediately steamed or heated and dried. They are the least processed of tea varieties, which results in a beverage that contains more nutrients and health benefits.

The benefits associated with green tea are still being studied, but there is evidence that green tea can provide powerful menopause relief. The antioxidants in green tea may be able to reduce hot flashes according to a 2003 study that was performed in Singapore. Women in the study who drank green tea daily experienced 47 percent fewer hot flashes than women who did not.

According to a 2005 study that was published in “Carcinogenesis” and a 2010 study that was published in the “Annals of Epidemiology,” women who regularly enjoy green tea may also be less likely to develop breast cancer. This correlation continues to be studied, but researchers theorized that the powerful antioxidants and polyphenols found in green tea may help suppress the estrogens that trigger breast cancer.

Green tea can also provide a boost of much-needed energy. Many menopausal women experience brain fog, memory problems, lethargy and tiredness. Not all sources of caffeine are safe and healthy, but the caffeine that is found naturally in green tea can help women feel more mentally alert and awake.

DON’T PAUSE is a good source of green tea and other natural ingredients that can help women experience fewer symptoms and more health benefits during menopause. Although a cup of green tea can be relaxing, the heat can actually trigger hot flashes and other menopause symptoms, such as burning tongue. Just two capsules a day can provide significant symptom relief without the need for a hot drink.

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