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Efficacy and Safety of Green Coffee Beans for Weight Loss

Green Coffee Bean ExtractGreen coffee beans are a relative newcomer on the weight loss front, but many are excited by the possibilities that are being uncovered in the research on this product. By 2015, more than 2 billion adults will be overweight and another 700 will be obese, according to the World Health Organization. Overweight and obesity have significant health risks, which is why researchers are so focused on finding healthy weight loss solutions.

A recently performed double-blind study evaluated the effects of green coffee bean extract on 16 overweight adults. The study lasted for 22 weeks and used high-dose green coffee extract, low-dose green coffee extract and a placebo. Study participants’ weight, BMIs, body fat, heart rate and blood pressure were noted. At the end of the study, researchers discovered that both groups of participants who had used the green coffee extract had lost weight and body fat and had reduced BMIs. The average weight loss was 10 percent of the starting weight, which was a clinically significant loss.

Green Coffee Bean Extract from the AntiAging Institute of California is designed to give you optimum results. It contains fresh chlorogenic acid, the active ingredient in green coffee extract. It inhibits fat absorption and reduces the release of sugar into the blood stream, which allows patients to lose weight rapidly even without changes in diet or exercise. Sustained energy without unwanted crashes and reliable results make Green Coffee Bean Extract the ideal weight loss solution for many who are struggling with their weight.

Although study participants were able to lose significant amounts of weight without changing their diets or lifestyle habits, results may be enhanced by adding exercise and eating a more balanced diets. Daily Green Coffee Bean Extract can give you the added boost you need to keep you motivated and help you lose weight.

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