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How to Deal with Hot Flashes during Menopause

DONT PAUSEHot flashes are one of the most common symptoms reported during menopause. They affect about three out of four women during perimenopause. Half of women have at least one hot flash a day, and 10 percent of women continue having hot flashes for years after menopause. Some women also have night sweats, the nocturnal cousin of hot flashes.

A hot flash occurs when you feel suddenly and overwhelmingly hot even though the surrounding temperature is comfortable. They can be accompanied by a racing heart, flushing, sweating, tingling in your extremities, and other uncomfortable symptoms. While researchers are not yet sure what causes them, they are believed to be associated with changing hormone levels.

Some women find hot flashes to be a mere annoyance, but a substantial number of women find that their hot flashes affect their quality of life. DON’T PAUSE may be able to help. DON’T PAUSE uses a blend of natural ingredients to normalize hormone levels, promote proper function, and alleviate the many symptoms of menopause, including hot flashes.

Women who are struggling with hot flashes can take one to two capsules of DON’T PAUSE a day to calm their symptoms. Lifestyle changes can also be helpful. You may need to avoid hot flash triggers, such as alcohol, caffeine, spicy foods, heat, stress, tight clothing, and smoking. Drinking cold water and dressing in light cotton layers can also be helpful. Contact us today to learn more or to place your order.

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