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Hot Flashes

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Menopause Symptoms

Suffering from various menopause symptoms? DON'T PAUSE can help.

Mood Swings

Mood Swings

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Menopause and Anxiety

Menopause brings with it numerous physical and emotional changes. Many women experience an increase in stress, anxiety levels and may even suffer from panic attacks. These may be due not to a sudden onset of psychiatric problems or emotional issues, but are instead related to the dramatic hormonal fluctuations associated with menopause. Women in perimenopause, or the period before menopause, are also likely to experience an increase in anxious feelings and stress.

Some women may be more likely to experience anxiety during menopause than others, particularly if they are experiencing more physical menopause symptoms or have fewer social outlets and more negative life events or stressors. Women who are experiencing significant impairment or distress may consider menopause natural treatment to relieve their symptoms. A healthy, well-balanced diet combined with exercise can help improve overall health while relaxation techniques can help reduce overall stress levels. Reducing caffeine and alcohol intake may also help women lower stress.

Improving sleep habits can help better manage anxiety. Wearing cotton pajamas, using light bedding and running a fan or air conditioner at night can ensure a more comfortable sleep environment, and women should try to avoid watching TV, reading or working online in their bedrooms in order to preserve good sleep habits. A menopause natural remedy may also help.

DON’T PAUSE, an all-natural menopause supplement, can help reduce such bothersome menopause symptoms as anxiety. DON’T PAUSE is 100 percent natural and contains pomegranate, green tea, black cohosh and soy isoflavones, which may be able to help promote hormonal balance, healthier aging and help balance hormones.

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