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Mood Swings

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Menopause and Dry, Wrinkled and Sagging Skin

Menopause can bring numerous physical changes and leave you feeling unfamiliar with your own body. Unfortunately, it can also bring changes that leave you feeling unfamiliar with your own reflection. Apart from the missed periods, the mood swings and the night sweats, many women also experience dry, wrinkled or sagging skin. Lifestyle and menopause treatment products may be able to help relieve many of the symptoms associated with menopause, including dry skin.

The dry, wrinkled skin associated with menopause is not caused by aging alone. In fact, it is directly linked to the same hormonal changes that cause other menopause symptoms. As ovarian function slows and estrogen declines, collagen and elastin production also decrease. Your skin may thin, and facial hair may appear. Aging can be accelerated, pores may become larger or more visible and the fat layer below the skin and neck decreases, which leads to sagging skin. If you have experienced sun exposure, the aging may be even more pronounced.

If you are experiencing dry skin associated with menopause, lifestyle changes and menopause natural remedy products can help. Protect your skin from the sun using a broad-spectrum sun block. Your skin will also benefit from a healthy diet with nutrient-rich vitamins, minerals and heart-healthy fats and a regular exercise routine that boosts circulation.

Dry skin may also be alleviated with DON’T PAUSE. DON’T PAUSE is a 100 percent natural product that contains pomegranate, DHEA, black cohosh and green tea extract designed to restore healthy hormone balance and alleviate bothersome menopause symptoms, including sagging skin.

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