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Hot Flashes

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Suffering from various menopause symptoms? DON'T PAUSE can help.

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Mood Swings

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Menopause and High Cholesterol

Women are more likely to develop heart disease during and after menopause, but according to a new study, they may also be more likely to experience high cholesterol. This risk appears to exist for all women regardless of socioeconomic status or ethnicity. For more than a decade, the study followed more than 1,000 women experiencing menopause. They were tested annually for heart disease risk factors, including cholesterol, blood pressure and blood glucose levels.

Virtually every woman experienced a sharp increase of more than 10 points in LDL levels. Total cholesterol levels rose by 6.5 percent. All women also showed slight increases in blood pressure and insulin. High triglycerides and high LDL can be particularly risky regardless of total cholesterol levels. More research is needed to further evaluate this link.

If you are approaching or are experiencing menopause, you may need to take a proactive approach towards your cholesterol level in order to reduce your risk of developing high LDL or high triglycerides. Not smoking, maintaining a healthy weight, eating a balanced diet and exercising most days of the week can help keep cholesterol levels healthier. A menopause treatment can also work.

DON’T PAUSE was designed to provide natural relief from such common menopause symptoms as high cholesterol. It contains green tea, DHEA, pomegranate and black cohosh in order to balance hormones and boost energy. A menopause natural cure combined with a healthy lifestyle can help you get back on track and feeling better than ever.

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