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Mood Swings

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Menopause and Loss of Memory

Forgetfulness is often believed to be just another part of aging, but for many menopausal women, it is directly linked to their changing hormones. According to a study that was published in the journal “Menopause,” foggy memory is often most problematic during the early post-menopause years, and women may struggle with even routine mental tasks.

The study revealed that women who suffered with loss of memory also tended to experience depression, hot flashes and difficulty sleeping. The women involved in the study tended to have decreased scores in areas such as verbal memory, fine motor skills and verbal learning in the first year after their final period, and these scores did not appear to be related to other menopause symptoms. Although the loss of memory that can occur during and after menopause can be quite alarming for women, researchers noted that for most, it is temporary. Another study that was presented at the Society of Neuroscience in 2011 revealed that women’s brains can adapt to the changes associated with menopause.

Women can take steps to combat foggy memory by getting plenty of heart-pumping exercise and eating a healthy diet rich in foods such as blueberries, fish and nuts, all believed to be able to boost brain function. Regularly challenging the brain by reading, doing puzzles or taking classes can also help. DON’T PAUSE contains all-natural ingredients that can also help combat menopause-related forgetfulness. With ingredients such as green tea extract, black cohosh, pomegranate and DHEA, DON’T PAUSE, natural menopause relief supplement, is designed to provide women with the nutrients they need to support mind and body health during menopause.

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