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Tired of getting hot flashes? Try DON'T PAUSE today!



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Suffering from various menopause symptoms? DON'T PAUSE can help.

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Mood Swings

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Menopause and MS Symptoms

DON'T PAUSEMenopause can change many aspects of a woman’s life and bring a wide variety of symptoms that can be uncomfortable and significantly interfere with a woman’s quality of life. Women who have multiple sclerosis, or MS, may be facing unique risks as a result of menopause and understanding these risks can play a major role in managing them.

According to a recent study that was presented at the 29th Congress of the European Committee for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis, nearly a third of women with MS notice that their symptoms worsen after they go through menopause. The study involved more than 500 women with a mean age of just over 48. Menopausal women with multiple sclerosis tended to have more headaches, decreased social function, greater levels of depression, difficulty concentrating, impaired memory, fatigue and impaired bladder and sexual function.

While most of the women were post-menopausal, fewer than half had undergone natural menopause, which may play a role in the findings. While the lead researcher advises that more study is needed to understand the correlation between increased MS symptoms and menopause, this study is just part of a larger body of evidence that links an increase in severe multiple sclerosis symptoms with menopause.

Women who have MS and are nearing or in menopause may need to discuss their options with their health care providers. Lifestyle changes can often help them manage their symptoms, but natural remedies can also be helpful. DON’T PAUSE is an option that uses a special proprietary blend of herbal ingredients to promote hormonal balance and healthier aging. It has been designed to address the 45 symptoms of menopause without any chemical or artificial ingredients so that women can continue living healthy, active, fulfilled lives without the fear of side effects.

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