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Mood Swings

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Menopause and Pain all Over Body

Aches and pains are commonly accepted as normal parts of aging. However, pain all over the body can also be associated with menopause. In fact, more than half of women experiencing menopause or perimenopause, the period of time preceding menopause, will experience joint pain, discomfort and widespread pain.

Painful body symptoms are caused by decreasing hormone levels. Estrogen has a protective effect on the cartilage and acts as an anti-inflammatory. During menopause, hormone levels decrease, and this can increase the levels of inflammation and joint degeneration. Woman may find themselves reaching for anti-inflammatories, using painkillers or becoming increasingly sedentary, all of which may have side effects or even health risks. If you are experiencing widespread pain associated with menopause, you have options. The right menopause treatment or natural menopause cure can provide you with relief from your pain and help you get back to enjoying your active life.

Dietary modifications may be able to help women who are experiencing pain all over body. Reducing or eliminating sugar, processed foods, red meats and certain types of dairy products can help reduce joint and muscle pain. The right type of exercise can also help. Although women may want to avoid exercise that increases the pressure on their joints, they can benefit from low-impact exercises which keep their bodies moving, helps them manage their weight and promotes healing. Yoga, stretching, walking and swimming are all good choices.

DON’T PAUSE may also be able to help. DON’T PAUSE is an all-natural herbal product that is designed to restore hormonal balance and promote healthy aging. It contains green tea extract, pomegranate, black cohosh, DHEA and other ingredients that have been carefully chosen to work together to ease menopause symptoms and reduce painful body symptoms.

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