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Mood Swings

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Menopause and Vaginal Dryness

The vaginal dryness that often accompanies menopause or perimenopause is uncomfortable and can cause a strain on relationships. Caused by declining estrogen, this dryness can indicate vaginal atrophy, or a thinning of the vaginal walls. Normally, the vaginal walls are coated by a thin layer of moisture. During sexual arousal, blood flows into the pelvic region, which increases the amount of lubrication present. During menopause, however, the amount and consistency of lubrication can change and decrease dramatically, leading to vaginal dryness.

The dryness and lack of elasticity can lead to increasingly fragile vaginal tissues and a higher risk of urinary tract infections. Women who are experiencing dryness may find normal daily activities uncomfortable, and sexual activity may be painful or even impossible. Women may be able to alleviate intercourse-related discomfort by using water-based vaginal lubricants, which can be found over the counter at pharmacies or mass merchandisers. Glycerin-free vaginal moisturizers can be used to provide ongoing relief.

Taking additional time during foreplay can also help ensure adequate lubrication. Talk to your partner about your needs and preferences. Certain products and practices can worsen vaginal dryness, including using hand lotions and moisturizers not specifically made for use in the vaginal region or washing with antibacterial soaps, perfumed soaps or products, douches, bubble baths, bath oils and scented detergents.

DON’T PAUSE can also help alleviate vaginal dryness. DON’T PAUSE is an all-natural menopause remedy that can help relieve many menopause symptoms thanks to its special formula that includes pomegranate, green tea, black cohosh and soy isoflavones in order to promote healthy function and help women reclaim their lives.

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