Menopause Guide


Lynn from Austin writes:

natural-menopause-treatment-testimonialsI have always heard those horror stories about menopause. The women in my family always seemed to have the worst experiences with hot flashes, irritability and similar symptoms, so that is what I expected to have. I really wasn’t prepared to have sexual problems, but I did, and they created massive problems for my partner and me.

This was a really sensitive issue, and I was embarrassed to talk to anyone about it. I finally decided to research it online, and I found DON’T PAUSE. It sounded like it could help with symptoms like mine, so I ordered some. I wasn’t sure how it would work, but we really needed something. Within a few days, I noticed I was a lot more comfortable. Within about a week, I even noticed increased desire.

I also noticed it helped with things that I didn’t really connect with menopause. It was easier to manage my weight, I felt more energetic throughout the day and, as it turned out, my moods leveled out. I hadn’t even realized how grumpy I had become.

My partner and I are just about back to normal now, and I am so glad that I found this product. DON’T PAUSE really does work.


Ashley from New Mexico writes:


DON’T PAUSE may not have saved my life, but I do believe it restored my life. I was having horrible symptoms that were interfering with even the most basic everyday tasks. I wasn’t sleeping, so I dragged myself through the days. I was irritable, depressed and anxious. I had hot flashes and night sweats. My breasts were sore, and my periods were irregular. I don’t think anything was working like it should have been at that point.

When my sister offered me some of her DON’T PAUSE, I was more than ready to try something. She mentioned that DON’T PAUSE was an herbal product, and I wasn’t sure that it would work. I haven’t really been a big fan of alternative treatments before, but this stuff was amazing. I felt better than I had in a long time. I think the biggest change was sleeping better, and that alone made a difference. However, I also noticed that my hot flashes and night sweats were decreasing and that my periods and breast pain had also evened out.

If you are having miserable menopause symptoms, DON’T PAUSE might work for you, too.


Catherine from Phoenix writes:

Natural Menopause Treatment Testimonials

An active life is important to me, but when I began to go through menopause, I just did not have it in me anymore to live the life I wanted to live. I was not sleeping well, and I had no energy. The icing on the cake was the mental fog. Just getting through the day was enough to use up all my physical and emotional energy. I was doing everything right, which made it even more frustrating. I ate the same balanced diet I always had, and until I started feeling bad, I was exercising nearly every day.

Thank goodness I discovered DON’T PAUSE. I had been hesitant to really do or take anything for my symptoms until I found DON’T PAUSE. I did not want to have to deal with side effects, but the natural herbal formula of DON’T PAUSE seemed to fit better into my life’s philosophy. It helped me sleep better, and I felt so much more energetic throughout the day. I was able to ease back into my workout routine before I had even been on the supplement a week.

DON’T PAUSE is helping me get through menopause, and I feel better than ever.


Connie from San Antonio writes:

Natural Menopause Treatment TestimonialsHeadaches, irritability, mental fog, fatigue, dry skin and irregular periods marked my entrance into the world of menopause. I had thought that I was prepared for the physical symptoms, but I do not think that I was really emotionally ready for it. I am so glad that I found DON’T PAUSE. DON’T PAUSE is a special herbal formula that helped rebalance my hormones and get me back on track. It helped me get back to sleep at night and stay awake during the daytime. It slashed my hot flashes, and it even conquered my chronic headaches and dry skin.

Since taking DON’T PAUSE, I feel like I have a whole new lease on life. I have even been able to dive back into all the activities I have always loved, which has helped me manage my stress-related symptoms even better. DON’T PAUSE has ingredients that can address hormonal issues as well as some of the lesser known problems of menopause, such as weight gain and moodiness. I feel great now, and I love that I can get that feeling from an herbal product. I have told all my friends about my success with DON’T PAUSE, and I will keep telling them until they discover its benefits for themselves.



Sheryl from New Mexico writes:

Natural Menopause Treatment TestimonialsDON’T PAUSE has really helped me get through menopause. The early part of menopause was not too bad for me, but as time went on, the symptoms just got worse. I was having a lot of hot flashes, and night sweats were interfering with getting a good night’s sleep. I was just so tired, and it was really getting me down. I even started feeling depressed, and my heart would feel like it was racing, which was really uncomfortable.

I started with just one DON’T PAUSE capsule a day, and the difference was night and day. I started feeling better almost immediately. My sleep was deeper and less disrupted, and the hot flashes were less intense and less frequent. I even noticed that it helped with symptoms I did not even know were caused by my menopause, such as dry eyes and brittle nails, and I felt calmer and more upbeat.

DON’T PAUSE has really given me my life back. I feel confident that if I had not started taking it, I would still be miserable today. Instead, I’m getting the rest I need and feeling good all day long, which means I can keep doing all the things I love without interruption.


Jessie from Aberdeen writes:


DON't PAUSE is an herbal product that helped me get through menopause. I know each woman's experience is different, but I wanted to share mine. I had a lot of hot flashes and night sweats that ruined my sleep and made me feel uncomfortable and gross all day long. That wasn't all. I also had breast tenderness, bloating, aching joints and thinning hair. I could barely stand to look in the mirror any more. My body was more like a stranger to me.


At any rate, when I first heard about DON't PAUSE, I really did not think it would help. After all, how can an herb make me feel better when nothing else I did could? It did, though, and it was fast. I noticed that my hot flashes had decreased quite a bit just a few days after starting it, and my other symptoms gradually declined. I feel good again. I feel like me again. I like that I only need one capsule a day, and I like that I no longer feel like I'm living in a hot, sweaty fog of confusion. DON't PAUSE has been great for me, and I definitely recommend it to my friends.


Florie from Great Falls writes:


DON’T PAUSE helped me get through menopause. I started having symptoms pretty early, and quite honestly, I just was not prepared for menopause. I had no idea how much it would change me. I felt tired all the time. It wasn’t the normal sleepy-tired but more of the kind of bone-numbing exhaustion you get when you are pregnant. I don’t really know why because I was getting sleep, or I thought I was. It was more that my sleep wasn’t restful. The hot flashes were a nuisance, and I had brain fog that was so thick that I would even forget normal, everyday tasks that I had been doing for years. I found DON’T PAUSE and liked that it was natural.

I don’t like taking a lot of things, but this was an herbal formula. I only needed one capsule a day. Within days, I was feeling more energetic, and my brain felt clearer. I am no longer walking out the door with mismatched shoes, and hot flashes are mild and infrequent. I don’t think of it as life before and after menopause but rather life before and after DON’T PAUSE. This supplement is worth it.


Mina from Pittsburg writes:


Menopause made me moody. DON’T PAUSE helped me feel more stable.

I don’t often leave reviews, but I really have to share my experience. When I started menopause, I didn’t have a lot of noticeable symptoms. Other than irregular periods and some breast soreness, it seemed pretty easy. I didn’t have hot flashes, night sweats or anything like that. I actually felt pretty good, and I expected those good feelings to last.

They didn’t. It came on gradually, really. I was waking up feeling a little blue, and I was short-tempered with my husband. I became more irritable as time went on, and then one day, I had an anxiety attack. It was a genuinely scary feeling. I couldn’t breathe, and I had a crushing feeling in my chest. I felt like I didn’t fit inside my skin anymore. That was when I knew something had to give.

I confided in a friend who told me that she had been using DON’T PAUSE for her own menopause symptoms. She didn’t have my symptoms, but she thought it might work for me anyway. I was desperate for relief, and I agreed. I didn’t notice a big change right away, but I noticed how much better I was feeling gradually. I had energy again, and I no longer dreaded each day. Even my husband has noticed the difference. I now recommend DON’T PAUSE to all my friends.


Nikki from Carlsbad writes:



If there is one thing that I have learned from my experience, it’s that each woman has different menopause symptoms. My mom had hot flashes and night sweats. My sister had moodiness and forgetfulness. I had joint pain, more allergies and headaches. Honestly, I was miserable.

Each symptom on its own really would have been manageable, but all together they were just too much. I had made all the lifestyle changes my doctor had recommended, but nothing was really helping. I still had daily headaches, even getting off the couch was painful and I could not make a move without a box of tissues because I sneezed so much. It wasn’t a great way to live.

That’s when I was introduced to DON’T PAUSE. The makers of DON’T PAUSE have identified 45 symptoms of menopause, and they designed this supplement to address each one. It contains only natural ingredients, like green tea, pomegranate and black cohosh. I did the research on the ingredients, and I was happy with what I discovered. They had been studied and appear to be beneficial against the most common menopause symptoms. From the time I took my first capsule, I have never looked back. Ladies, DON’T PAUSE works.


Anahid from San Diego writes:


I have tried quite a few menopause products that claimed to be able to conquer my symptoms, but they either had unpleasant side effects or they did not work at all. DON’T PAUSE was really just one of many similar things that I had tried, and honestly, I was about burnt out on natural treatments. Thank goodness, DON’T PAUSE turned out to be different. I have been quite pleasantly surprised with its effectiveness and the lack of uncomfortable side effects.

DON’T PAUSE has given me more energy, and I’m in a much better mood. Actually, my moods have really stabilized, and those bouts of irritability are just about gone. I can’t remember my last night sweat, and hot flashes are infrequent and mild. I feel like I did a decade ago. I just have to take a single capsule with my breakfast every morning, and I haven’t yet noticed any jitters, stomach upset or other side effects. I have lots more energy. I’m raising my grandchild, so feeling younger and healthier has really been an amazing bonus.

I have already told my friends about DON’T PAUSE, and I suggest that any woman who is suffering with menopause symptoms try it.

Jennifer from Springfield writes:


Choosing DON’T PAUSE may have been the best decision I’ve made for myself in a long time. I was really struggling with menopause. I don’t know what other women expect from menopause, but I know what I expected. I knew my periods would get irregular and that I might have hot flashes, but no one ever told me that I might also have bloating, dry eyes, joint pain and tummy troubles.


DON’T PAUSE uses natural herbal ingredients to bring those symptoms under control. I would begin each day with a capsule at breakfast, and that was it. My hot flashes gradually subsided. Maybe more importantly, I had fewer bouts of indigestion, I was less bloated and my eyes weren’t as gritty. Although I had been sure that my joint pain was really arthritis, even that started easing. I felt more energetic than I had in a long time, and I was inspired to take a healthier approach to my whole life. I quit smoking, cut my drinking down to just one glass of wine a day and started eating healthier. Not long after, I realized I had enough energy to exercise more often. I feel like a new woman, and I give the credit to DON’T PAUSE.

Margaret from Lexington writes:


I got my first order of DON’T PAUSE not a moment too soon. I had been experiencing menopause symptoms for quite a while at that point, but they were steadily getting worse. My body didn’t feel familiar anymore, and I never knew what a new day would hold. Some days I was fine, but others left me sweating, shivering and feeling sick with a headache. When I realized I was having far more bad days than good, I knew I had to do something. I researched my treatment options and found DON’T PAUSE.

DON’T PAUSE is an all-natural supplement that combines several herbal ingredients for maximum menopause relief. Pomegranate and green tea are powerful antioxidants that can combat hot flashes, weight gain, hair loss and similar symptoms while black cohosh and soy isoflavones restore healthier hormone levels. I was ready to give it a try. I just need one capsule a day during this pre-menopause stage. Once I actually go through menopause, I will need two capsules a day. Just that one capsule gave me what I needed to feel better. If I could tell other women just one thing it would be that DON’T PAUSE works. I’m living proof.

Mackenzie from Norfolk writes:


Like most women, I expected irregular periods and hot flashes when I entered menopause. When I actually began to have symptoms, the reality was far grimmer. Not only did I have irregular periods and hot flashes, but I also had insomnia, heart palpitations, joint pain and incontinence. I felt as though I had aged 20 years in just a few short months. I needed help.

I found exactly what I needed in DON’T PAUSE. It’s an all-natural herbal formula that includes ingredients that are specially chosen for their proven benefits. Pomegranate, which is a strong antioxidant, works together with black cohosh, green tea, soy isoflavones, DHEA and other ingredients to promote healthier aging and balanced hormone levels. Although I did not expect DON’T PAUSE to be a miracle cure, I began to feel more like myself again within just a few doses.

I was surprised by how I was able to sleep better almost immediately, and my moods improved dramatically. Even my sister noticed the change in me and mentioned how refreshed I had been looking lately.

DON’T PAUSE is a miracle in a bottle. I know it worked miraculously in me. I feel like a new woman.

Lilian from Watertown writes:


My menopause journey began with headaches. I woke up with a headache, and I would take some medicine with coffee and feel better. Unfortunately, it would come back again after lunch, and I’d grab some more medicine. Sometimes the headaches were so bad that I would wake up in the middle of the night. I thought something awful was wrong with me, but my doctor told me that it was just hormones and that they can do that sometimes.

Well, as it turned out, hormones could do a lot more than just cause nonstop headaches. Suddenly, everything and everyone annoyed me. I felt tired all the time, and my joints were aching. My doctor suggested some lifestyle changes, and my girlfriend recommended DON’T PAUSE. I started taking DON’T PAUSE right away, and I began eating a healthier diet. Within a few days, I had enough energy to add exercise to my daily to-do list. My headaches at first began to fade away. They weren’t as bad. Then they became less frequent. Today, I only have headaches every now and then, my joints feel comfortable again and I even have energy again.

Although I am sure that eating right and exercising helped me, I know that DON’T PAUSE was at the top of my feel-good changes. Without that first step, I would never have felt good enough to take the others. I’m glad I tried it, and I recommend that others try it, too.

Jacklyn from Tulsa writes:


I have always believed that your attitude can affect your health, but my attitude changed with menopause. I felt so grumpy and angry all the time. I am not sure if it was my hormones or some outside stress, but I do know that I was not an easy person to live with. My husband started spending more time on the golf course, and my daughters rarely called anymore. Thankfully, I found DON’T PAUSE before my irritability caused too much damage to my relationships.

DON’T PAUSE is an all-natural product. I found it while researching irritability and menopause, and it sounded like something worth trying. It is a natural product with herbal ingredients, antioxidants and other things my body needs. I was amazed at how fast it produced results. My mood was so much better within just a few days. I was sleeping better, I had more energy and I felt physically better than I had in years. I guess I did not notice how many changes I’d gone through during menopause. DON’T PAUSE made me feel as though I had shaved a decade off.

Best of all, I was no longer cranky all the time. I felt just like myself again.

Hanna from Boise writes:


I have always prided myself on my healthy lifestyle, and DON’T PAUSE fit right into it. DON’T PAUSE is a natural menopause supplement that I began to take when I first noticed the dreaded middle-aged spread. Even though I was exercising regularly and eating a reasonably healthy diet, my waistline was definitely expanding. My other symptoms were not as bad, but they were creeping up, too.

DON’T PAUSE uses only natural, herbal ingredients, like pomegranate and green tea. They pack a powerful punch, though. I felt more energetic, which gave me the extra boost I needed during my workouts. The selenium and chromium helped support my weight loss efforts, and the green tea improved my mental clarity. The black cohosh and soy isoflavones worked together to conquer my occasional hot flashes.

Just a few weeks after starting DON’T PAUSE, I had almost forgotten I was in perimenopause. I felt better, but I also looked better. My skin looked fresher and fuller, and I was getting my waist size back down where it needed to be. Even better, my friends were noticing the change in me. I had become irritable and short-tempered and had not really even noticed it. I had no problem sharing my secret with them: DON’T PAUSE.

Liana from Cheyenne writes:


Old age sneaked up on me. I had never actually felt old, of course. In fact, I had always looked and felt far younger than my years. Menopause hit me like a ton of bricks, though, and I suddenly felt as if I had aged 20 years in just a few months. My joints ached, I had constant headaches and even my skin looked different. I chalked it up to my age, of course. After all, I was nearly 50. You cannot enjoy youth forever.

When my mother told me I looked run down and tired, I knew I had to do something. I talked to a friend of mine who recommended natural supplements, and that is when I found DON’T PAUSE. DON’T PAUSE is a natural menopause supplement, and it is chock full of antioxidants. I began to feel more energetic almost immediately after beginning it.

Just one capsule a day provided me with green tea extract, pomegranate, DHEA, chromium, selenium and other all-natural nutrients that supported healthy aging and combated the symptoms of menopause, two things I desperately needed. I may be getting older, but thanks to DON’T PAUSE, I no longer feel old: I feel renewed.

Andrea from Santa Fe writes:


Menopause was supposed to be the start of a new life for me. It was not. I began having hot flashes, but I felt those were manageable. Most women expect hot flashes. The other symptoms were less manageable. My breasts were constantly sore, and I had to use the bathroom often. I had tingling in my fingers and toes, and I had burning tongue that left me almost unable to eat anything. I needed relief, and I found it in DON’T PAUSE.

DON’T PAUSE was an herbal product, which I liked. I didn’t have to worry about harsh ingredients, chemicals or uncomfortable side effects. I took one capsule a day, which helped me go about my day a little more comfortably. The hot flashes seemed less intense almost immediately, and my breasts were more comfortable. I remember how surprised I was one morning when I realized I hadn’t gone to the bathroom since I’d gotten up. I felt so much better and more energetic that I started a yoga class, which made me feel even better. Today, I don’t even feel like the same woman. I feel like me again but better, more comfortable and even happier.

Natalie from Salt Lake City writes:


DON’T PAUSE helped me manage my menopause symptoms and get back to the life I have always loved. Menopause might have hit at the worst possible time for me. I was ending a long-term relationship, and my youngest child had just headed off to college. The physical symptoms were bad, but the emotional symptoms were even worse. Things that would have been sad or depressing before just became absolutely overwhelming, and I was hardly functioning.

A friend suggested DON’T PAUSE. I am not the kind of person who uses supplements or things like that, but my friend convinced me. After all, what did I really have to lose? DON’T PAUSE was easy to take: I just needed one pill a day. I took it every morning with breakfast. I wanted to feel immediate results, but I was still surprised when I started feeling better within days.

The first effects were physical: I had fewer night sweats, I was sleeping more deeply and I had more energy during the day. The emotional effects were not far behind, though, and as my physical symptoms faded away, so did the emotional ones. I felt better than I had in years, and my confidence and mood sored as I rediscovered health and balance.

Kelly from Chicago writes:


DON'T PAUSE helped me navigate the unfamiliar waters of my menopause. I began having irregular cycles in my early 40s, but I did not pay much attention at that time. I was not having any other noticeable symptoms, so I figured menopause was still far away. It wasn't until I noticed more symptoms that I realized it was right on the horizon. Night sweats, hot flashes and the whole nine yards had just overwhelmed me. I was even gaining weight in my tummy!

My sister told me she was using DON'T PAUSE and loved it. Well, my sister and I don't often see eye-to-eye on things, but on this we sure did. She gave me one of her bottles of DON'T PAUSE so that I could try it right away, and the difference was amazing. I had the soundest sleep I'd had in weeks the first night I took one. I gradually felt more energetic, and my moods leveled out. I noticed other symptoms improving, too. My skin looked fresher and dewier, and my eyes no longer felt gritty and itchy all day long. Best of all, the weight gain stopped, and thanks to the new energy, I was able to exercise and trim down the extra weight.

Helen from Oakland writes:


The irritability and moodiness really sneaked up on me. I have always been a fairly patient, laid-back person, so when I realized that everyone and everything was getting on my nerves, I paid attention to my body. I knew I was close to menopause. My mom and sisters had started their changes around this time. I did not immediately connect my crankiness with menopause, but I did decide I needed to take better care of myself. I started walking every day, and I focused more on eating a healthier diet. I made little changes, but I still felt irritable and even anxious at times.

My friend suggested that it might be menopause, and then she suggested DON'T PAUSE. With all the other healthy changes I was making, a natural supplement seemed like the logical next step. I was shocked at my transformation. I only had to take one capsule a day, but what a difference that one capsule made. I found myself feeling more energetic and focused, but more importantly, I felt like myself again. I wasn't crabby or cranky. I was just me. DON'T PAUSE gave me the balance I needed to get back to being myself.

Suzie from San Jose writes:


My suddenly irregular periods were the first indication that I was entering menopause, but other symptoms were not far behind. I’m glad that I discovered DON’T PAUSE before my symptoms grew unbearable. I could handle the hot flashes, which really were not too bad. The night sweats were something else entirely, and I found myself suffering from full-blown insomnia. If the hormones didn’t cause moodiness, the lack of sleep sure did.

I found DON’T PAUSE online, and I was really drawn to the natural ingredients. Pomegranate is a powerful antioxidant with proven health benefits while black cohosh has been used to treat menopause symptoms for centuries. I was really confident with the special blend of ingredients, all of which have been demonstrated to be safe and effective.

My hit flashes were much less severe within days of beginning DON’T PAUSE. I was taking just one capsule a day, and I was surprised at how well and how fast it worked. My night sweats decreased, too, and even though they did not stop altogether, I was sleeping much better. I encourage my friends to consider DON’T PAUSE when they have menopause symptoms.

Lora from Carson writes:


I still remember my mom going through menopause. She had hot flashes several times a day and every day for several years. She was miserable. When I started having hot flashes, I took action right away. I did not want to travel down the same uncomfortable road she did. When I researched natural treatments, I found DON’T PAUSE.

I liked how it wasn’t just another vitamin. It had ingredients that have been demonstrated in clinical trials to be helpful for women in menopause. Black cohosh and soy isoflavones were supposed to help reduce my hot flashes, but other ingredients were supposed to help, too. The pomegranate, green tea and DHEA all work together to support my changing body.

Menopause is my new normal, and my body is changing every day. DON’T PAUSE has given me the tools I need to adapt right along with my body. I have renewed energy, a more positive outlook and precious few hot flashes. I’m sleeping better at night, and the depression that had started to descend on me along with menopause is entirely gone. I have already told my sister about DON’T PAUSE, but I plan on telling my friends, too. It’s really made what would have otherwise been a difficult transition so much easier.

Janine from Trenton writes:


Have you ever walked into a room and forgot why you were there? Have you ever had a word on the tip of your tongue but just could not recall it no matter what you did? Well, that was my menopause experience. It was horrible! I thought I was losing my mind or even experiencing dementia symptoms.

It wasn’t anything like that, of course but was actually just my hormones. They were all over the place, and they were causing so many symptoms. The worst of it was the memory loss, though, and I needed help. I found DON’T PAUSE online and did a little research. I liked what I found: It was all-natural, the ingredients were proven and I did not have to remember to take lots of pills every day. Obviously, that was an important factor for me.

DON’T PAUSE worked. I felt like the fog had been lifted. I was no longer losing my purse, words were coming to me more easily and I did not forget to take even a single capsule. I felt like myself again. I even had more energy, and my self-confidence was back, too. DON’T PAUSE has really helped me, and I’m glad I found it.

Lydia from Topeka writes:


I was almost 50 when my periods became erratic. The typical hot flashes, mood swings, irritability and weight gain were not far behind. I became depressed at all the ways my life was changing. I felt like it was suddenly out of my control, and even my body felt unfamiliar to me. I began to research online to find a solution for my discomfort. That is when I discovered DON’T PAUSE.

DON’T PAUSE is an all-natural herbal supplement that works with my body to ease my menopause symptoms. I started sleeping better, my hot flashes decreased and my periods evened out again. Just two DON’T PAUSE capsules a day gave me the energy I needed to get through my day and balanced my hormones so that I no longer had quite so many symptoms. As I started feeling better, I had the energy and motivation to make more positive choices about my life. I started exercising and talked to a nutritionist to learn how to adapt my diet to this new phase of life. I was amazed at how fast everything started turning around.

DON’T PAUSE was not just a step in the right direction for me: It was the start of a whole new journey.

Emelia from Pierre writes:


My mom told me about DON't PAUSE when I started having menopause symptoms in my 40s. I had always lived an active, healthy lifestyle, so when I suddenly felt old and weak, I was not sure what was going on. My periods became irregular, and then the hot flashes began. That's when I knew: I was in menopause. A lot went through my mind as I considered what that meant, but at the same time, I mostly just wanted to be comfortable again.

My mental fog was so thick I would forget where I put my keys as soon as I got out of my car. I would drift off to sleep every day after lunch, and getting through a workout left me completely drained and with aching joints. This was not menopause: This was a nightmare! My mom recommended a natural supplement, and that she was using DON't PAUSE. I was ready to try anything, and I soon found out that my mom had steered me correctly yet again. DON't PAUSE was easy, convenient and affordable, and it left me feeling like myself again. I had more energy, I was sleeping better at night, and my skin even cleared up. DON't PAUSE has really been amazing for me.

Lucienda from Columbia writes:


Hot flashes, irritability and joint pain were taking over my life until my sister gave me some DON’T PAUSE. I had almost been looking forward to menopause. It would give me some freedom and represented new beginnings, but it was not what I had expected or hoped it would be. I felt tired all the time, I was in such a bad mood, and I never had the energy I wanted or needed to get through my days.

I remember asking my sister what good a supplement would do. I just did not believe that herbal ingredients would be able to help me feel better. I was wrong. Just two capsules a day have absolutely changed my life. I know people say that about a lot of things, but in my case, it was true. Because night sweats weren’t interrupting my sleep anymore, I was getting the rest I needed to feel energetic. My hot flashes were almost nonexistent, and the ones I did have were quite tolerable. As for the irritability, I feel like a new woman. I have given DON’T PAUSE to several of my friends who are also in their transition, and I love that I can help them feel better with just that little gift.

Laura from Nashville writes:


My girlfriend let me try some of her DON’T PAUSE after I had mentioned how awful my sleeping had become. I was waking up drenched in sweat at night, and I would toss off my blankets only to find myself shivering with cold a few minutes later. I would have these terrible sweats every night and sometimes more frequently, and they were disrupting my sleep and leaving me irritable and moody all day long.

She told me that DON’T PAUSE had helped with her hot flashes, so I was excited to give them a try. They were not prescription drugs, and they were totally natural. The first night I took them, I felt a little bit of a hot flash, but it was nothing like what they had been. A few days later, I realized that I had not had a full-fledged night sweat since I had started taking DON’T PAUSE. I placed my first order that very day.

Now, I cannot imagine not using DON’T PAUSE. I no longer dread going to bed, and I sleep all night. I have more energy, my moods are more stable and I just feel good again. I finally feel like myself once again.

Reese from Philadelphia writes:


I started taking DON’T PAUSE when my menopause symptoms became unbearable. I had heart palpitations, depression and hot flashes. Night sweats kept me from sleeping at night, and irritability reared its ugly head all day long. My breasts were sore, my skin could not decide whether to wrinkle or break out, and my gums were puffy and bleeding. I literally did not know if I was coming or going; the brain fog was horrible. DON’T PAUSE began to work as soon as I took it, though, and my symptoms gradually subsided.

DON’T PAUSE appealed to me because it was all natural. It had proven ingredients, like soy isoflavones, black cohosh, green tea and pomegranate extract. I also liked that I just had to take two capsules a day. I now feel like my old self again and have the energy I need to get through my day. I am sleeping better at night, my moods are more stable and my skin looks so much healthier. I still have occasional menopause symptoms, but they are mild and so infrequent that they don’t even disrupt my days compared to before DON’T PAUSE when just getting out of bed challenged my willpower.

Emily from Riverside writes:


Menopause sneaked up on me. For some reason, I didn’t expect symptoms until I was in my 50s, but here I was not quite 40 and already having hot flashes. My first hot flash wasn’t really obvious. I felt uncomfortably warm and was rushing to open windows and let the frigid winter air in. I soon realized I was having more and more of these suddenly warm episodes. My periods grew irregular, and that’s when I knew I was in menopause. Although my symptoms were not unbearable, I had watched my mom and my sister go through terrible menopause symptoms. I wanted to be proactive, so I tried a natural menopause relief supplement: DON’T PAUSE.


I expected my symptoms to get a little bit better. Instead, they were all but gone! I felt renewed energy and had only occasional hot flashes. I noticed that my hair even looked a little shinier and my skin had a fresher, plumper appearance. In fact, I had not even realized how many symptoms I had either overlooked or dismissed as normal parts of aging. DON’T PAUSE has become an essential part of my everyday life, and it’s my own little secret for looking and feeling great now and in the future.

Lucy from Augusta writes:


I entered menopause with a positive attitude. I was determined to see it as an opportunity for personal growth. My kids had moved out, and my husband and I were alone for the first time in more than 20 years. Well, things didn’t happen quite the way I’d planned. I had nearly constant hot and cold flashes, which meant I was never comfortable. Night sweats kept me tossing and turning all night, which meant I was keeping not just me awake but also my husband. Nothing I did seemed to help.


My girlfriend recommended that I try a natural product. I found DON’T PAUSE while I was researching my options, and I liked how it had several different ingredients that worked together. I only had to take two capsules a day, and I began to feel like myself again. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that DON’T PAUSE had other benefits, too. My hair felt fuller, and my skin plumped. My husband and I also rediscovered our passion for one another.


I love that DON’T PAUSE helped me regain the opportunity to rebuild my life the way I wanted it. I highly recommend that other women who are going through menopause give it a try.

Emily from Columbus writes:


DON’T PAUSE was recommended to me by a friend who had already been there, done that and managed to get through it. Menopause was making me miserable! I was waking up every night, and I had terrible night sweats, hot flashes and mood swings. With DON’T PAUSE, I just had to take one or two pills a day, which was super easy. I noticed an immediate difference. I seemed to have fewer hot flashes, and the ones I did have just didn’t seem as bad as they were before.


Then I started sleeping better, and before I knew it, I was not feeling quite as moody as I had been. I started feeling like me again. I have even rediscovered my sex drive! I had not really connected my discomfort with menopause, but once I began taking DON’T PAUSE, I no longer had problems with vaginal dryness or discomfort during intercourse.


DON’T PAUSE definitely helped me. Even better, it reduced my symptoms using natural ingredients like pomegranate extract, green tea and black cohosh. What’s not to love? I told all my friends about DON’T PAUSE. It really helped me get my life back.

Caroline from Oakland writes:


I began to take DON’T PAUSE to help me manage my hot flashes and night sweats. They were really interfering with my quality of life. I couldn’t get a good night’s sleep anymore, and I spent every day putting sweaters on and taking them off. I was so frustrated! I was hoping for relief. What I didn’t expect was to discover a whole new lease on life, but that’s what I got.

All those aches and pains that I had written off as normal aging started letting up. My skin looked fresher and younger, and even my hair felt fuller. I had more energy, which I chalked up to getting more sleep without night sweats.

In the end, I tell people that DON’T PAUSE works. It helps the symptoms that you know are a problem and those that you don’t know are a problem. I had really thought all my problems were just normal parts of aging, but they were really caused by my hormones. I am so glad I gave DON’T PAUSE a try. I have all the energy to do everything I want to do and more, and I feel like I look better than I have in years.

Kera from Arlington writes:


DON’T PAUSE has really given me my life back. I was having various menopause symptoms daily. Some days, they were very mild and tolerable, but other days, I did not even want to leave my house. I felt so frustrated because of how much my symptoms were interfering with my life. I often did not have energy for my work or my hobbies, and my irregular periods showed up at the worst possible time. Between irritability and mood swings, I cannot have been easy to live with, either.

I tried DON’T PAUSE out of desperation as much as anything else, and I am so thankful I did. DON’T PAUSE has proven ingredients, such as pomegranate, green tea and black cohosh, and I only need to take two daily capsules to get through my days comfortably. My night sweats have decreased, I no longer spend my days swinging from hot to cold, and I have even noticed my hair is looking fuller again. I feel like myself again, and I have all the energy I need to get through my day and more. I can tell other women now that menopause is not to be feared. Just don’t pause for it!

Sidney from Tampa writes:


DON’T PAUSE has been great for me. If you are going through menopause, I highly recommend it. I was really struggling with menopause symptoms, but I really didn’t want to slow down my life. With DON’T PAUSE, I didn’t have to. I was able to keep up with everything I loved to do and stay involved with all my friends and family without missing a beat.

Menopause was interfering with all that. I was having almost-constant headaches. My joint pain was so severe I went to my doctor thinking I had arthritis! I had expected moodiness, hot flashes and mood swings. I did have problems with hot flashes, and I was irritable. I had not expected pain, however, and that pain was really interfering with my lifestyle. When I discovered DON’T PAUSE, I was so relieved. I found help in a little capsule, and it was all natural. That was important to me. It was nice to know I was putting healthy things into my body to improve my well-being, and with antioxidants and other valuable nutrients, I know it’s not just supporting my hormonal balance. It is also promoting my health and wellness.

I feel great these days, and I’m back in the game. I encourage any woman going through menopause to give it a try.

Gita from Boston writes:


I always thought menopause began when my periods ended. It doesn’t. First, your hormones change. Sometimes they change from one day to the next. You will be feeling fine, and then suddenly you don’t feel so fine. You are cranky and snapping at everyone within a 10-mile radius. It’s not fun. On top of that, your breasts ache, your periods come, or they don’t come. You never know when to expect them. It’s always a surprise. Your skin breaks out, but it’s also really thin and dry, unlike anything it’s ever been before. Your joints ache, you get a spare tire and you have no energy at all.

At least, that’s what menopause was like for me. As you can tell, I didn’t like it. My husband ordered DON’T PAUSE for me. I don’t know what that says about how hard I was to live with, but I have to say, I fell in love with him all over again for it. DON’T PAUSE allowed me to sleep again. It gave me my energy back. It put sanity back into my skin. My periods began to be more predictable. As for irritability, let’s just say I’m pretty sure my husband considers DON’T PAUSE to be one of the best investments he’s ever made.

Max from Akron writes:


My daughter encouraged me to try DON’T PAUSE. My menopause symptoms started off being quite manageable. I had mild hot flashes and occasional night sweats. Then I started getting tired more easily, and I noticed I was gaining weight around my middle. The more my body changed, the less happy I was with myself. Things were not getting any better. In fact, they were getting worse pretty quickly. My daughter said she’d heard great things about DON’T PAUSE and that it was all-natural.

I liked that. I had started living a healthier lifestyle in an attempt to deal with my symptoms, and taking an all-natural supplement seemed to fit into that philosophy pretty well. I began taking two capsules a day just like the package directions recommended. I have never been one to expect immediate results, but DON’T PAUSE really was fast-acting. I felt a burst of energy that first day, and I started sleeping better.

Within a few weeks, I realized I was finding it easier to go an extra mile on the treadmill, and I wasn’t as irritable as I had been. All in all, I would say DON’T PAUSE has been pretty successful in helping me manage my menopause symptoms.

Kym from Albany writes:

Natural Menopause Treatment Testimonials

I was 45 and had recently had my second child when my periods began to be irregular. I chalked it up to my hormones still changing after my baby, but then I started having hot flashes and mood swings. When I began to gain weight, I knew I had to do something. I started exercising and paying closer attention to my diet, and it really did seem to help for a while. A few years later, though, my periods had become heavier, and my breasts were unbearably painful. I was even having bladder leakage! I found DON’T PAUSE online and really had nothing to lose at that point.

Two capsules a day was all it took, according to the package directions. Once I started feeling better, my attitude started changing. I don’t know if my depression and irritability had to do with the menopause or the fact that I wasn’t feeling well because of the menopause, but that was the first to go. By the time I found my energy again, I had almost forgotten I was supposed to be in menopause. I felt like a new woman. DON’T PAUSE has been amazing.

Brooke from Miami writes:

Natural Menopause Treatment Testimonials

I always felt very prepared for just about anything life threw my way thanks to my girlfriends, who are so open about their experiences. Life threw a curveball at me when I was the first one to go through menopause, though. I wasn’t sure what to expect or when to expect it. My mom was really private about her own experiences and did not want to talk about it at all. I was just so uncomfortable. Night sweats, hot flashes and breast tenderness were making me miserable.

Then there were the other symptoms! I had joint pain, my hair was breaking off, I was irritable and I had cold chills. I felt like I was losing my mind. My girlfriends told me I needed to take something but what should I take? I had to look online, and the first thing that really stood out to me was DON’T PAUSE. I liked that it was all natural. I didn’t really expect overnight changes, but I was really pleased that I started feeling better shortly after taking it. In fact, I was more than pleased: I was shocked. I’ve always looked up to my girlfriends for advice, but now they look up to me. Now that they’re starting to go through the change, I am confident in recommending DON’T PAUSE to them.

Lindsey from Boulder writes:

Natural Menopause Treatment Testimonials

I have always been an active woman and enjoyed my healthy lifestyle. I ate right, exercised regularly and attended yoga twice a week. When menopause hit, though, things changed. I began having migraine headaches, and I wasn’t sleeping well. I no longer had the energy to do the things I wanted to do. I needed a solution. I knew some of my friends had started living healthier lifestyles in response to their changing bodies and had found relief, but that clearly wasn’t helping me. That’s when I tried DON’T PAUSE.

A natural supplement seemed to fit best with my lifestyle, and I liked that it had ingredients like pomegranate and green tea. It seemed to decrease the severity of my migraines almost immediately, and I noticed I was sleeping better. DON’T PAUSE really seemed to start working quickly, but I noticed that benefits continued getting stronger with time. I guess you could say it built up. As I continued taking it, my energy returned. I felt renewed, in fact. Menopause wasn’t the end. It was really the beginning of a new challenge, and I’m facing it head on. I really recommend DON’T PAUSE to other women who are struggling with menopause symptoms.

Jordine from Seattle writes:


I started taking DON’T PAUSE when my hot flashes began to take over my life. I thought that I was doing everything right by wearing layers and keeping a fan close by at all times, but I was still just miserable. The hot flashes never seemed to have a rhyme or reason, and there was little warning that one was coming. I didn’t really think I had any other menopause symptoms, but after taking DON’T PAUSE, I realized that menopause had really disrupted my life.

I had thought my aching muscles, depression, fuzzy thinking and dry eyes were all just normal signs of aging and that I’d just better get used to them. I had slowed down so much and just didn’t really realize it. Not long after starting DON’T PAUSE, though, I noticed I felt more energetic and more alive than I had in quite a while.

My hot flashes were dramatically reduced, but more importantly, I felt like me again. I wasn’t achy in the morning, my eyes weren’t stinging anymore and I felt positively renewed. I had always thought of menopause as “the change.” Now I know it’s the start of a new chapter in my life, and I am ready for it thanks to DON’T PAUSE.

Peta from Cleveland writes:


Menopause sneaked up on me when I least expected it. I began to have migraines more frequently, and I wasn’t sleeping well anymore. My breasts were swollen and sore like they hadn’t been since my last pregnancy, and I was extremely irritable. I tried a few single ingredient supplements, but nothing really helped. Then I found DON’T PAUSE.

DON’T PAUSE has a variety of ingredients that can work independently and together to ease my symptoms. The green tea would give me energy while the black cohosh would help my hormones stay more even. I was not sure this would work, but I was desperate. Just two pills later, I already felt better. I slept better that night, and I felt a lot less cranky the next day. Within a week, I noticed my headaches were less frequent.

I began to make a few changes in my own life along with taking the DON’T PAUSE. I started exercising more regularly, tried to eat for health and focused on maintaining a good sleeping schedule. I was feeling better every day thanks to DON’T PAUSE and the changes it helped me make. Now I don’t make a move without DON’T PAUSE in hand. I’m ready to enjoy the rest of my life!

Janet from San Francisco writes:

natural-menopause-treatment-testimonials-janetI tried DON’T PAUSE after my sister mentioned it helped her get through menopause. I was not sleeping well, and I felt fuzzy-brained during the day, particularly in the afternoon and evening. I could never get comfortable: Either I was piling on sweaters and thick, fuzzy socks to combat a chill that no one else ever seemed to feel, or I was stripping down to a tank top and shorts while standing in front of the fan in the middle of winter in order to cool off.

DON’T PAUSE appealed to me. Not only did my sister tell me it reduced a lot of her symptoms, but I also liked that it didn’t have any artificial ingredients. I only had to take two a day, which was completely doable. Until I took DON’T PAUSE, I didn’t really realize how much I had been affected by my hormones. I knew I was having hot and cold flashes. I didn’t know that my thinning hair, brittle nails and dried-out skin were also caused by menopause. It didn’t take much time for DON’T PAUSE to kick in, and when it did, I felt so much better. I was sleeping again, and I didn’t have to take three outfits with me everywhere I went.

I think the best part is that I no longer feel like my life is forever changed. I’m back to being me again.

Janice from Colorado writes:
Natural Menopause Treatment Testimonials Janice

I could not have been easy to live with when I first entered menopause. I was exhausted from the near-constant night sweats, I was irritable and my brain was so foggy that I could not even finish a sentence. My cousin recommended DON’T PAUSE. She said it had helped her get through menopause, so I thought I would give it a try. I haven’t used a lot of natural supplements, but what did I have to lose? I was already a bear.

Let’s just say that I did not have high hopes. I felt so rotten that I could not imagine anything giving me relief. What a surprise it was to notice a change in just a few days! The first time I slept through the night, I awoke refreshed and ready to face the day. I didn’t feel cranky anymore, and I once again could remember where I’d put my keys and my purse without spending 30 minutes tearing my house up looking for them.

DON’T PAUSE is all natural, with ingredients like pomegranate and green tea that work to make me feel better. They keep my hormones stabilized, give me energy and help stop my nasty night sweats, all without artificial ingredients.

Marsha from Dallas writes:
Natural Menopause Treatment Testimonials Marsha

Sore, aching joints were keeping me more and more sedentary, which led to gaining weight. As my waistline expanded, my mood deteriorated. I was very irritable and prone to tears and crying jags. When my symptoms began, I brushed them off. “Just a normal part of getting old,” I told myself. It wasn’t. I was in menopause. My life felt like it changed overnight. My hair was thinning, my skin was dry and I was just tired.

I didn’t really know what to do, so I began to research my options. DON’T PAUSE piqued my interest because it is all natural and has a variety of ingredients designed to tackle various symptoms separately and together. It has chromium to boost insulin efficiency and help me stay trimmer, DHEA to alleviate fatigue and irritability and pomegranate, which is a powerful antioxidant.

My symptoms did not disappear overnight, but I did start feeling better soon and enough that I had the energy and willpower to make positive changes. Once I made healthier lifestyle changes by kicking my caffeine habit, quitting smoking and exercising daily, I was more able to face the next chapter of my life head-on: Menopause is not going to stop me!

Mandy from Denver writes:
Natural Menopause Treatment Testimonials Mandy

I didn’t have my first child until I was 36, and I dismissed the hot flashes and mood swings I experienced after my delivery as normal post-partum symptoms. Things didn’t get better with time, though, and even got worse. I experienced a serious decrease in my sex drive, vaginal dryness, anxiety and depression, and I began to gain weight. My periods were irregular, and my skin felt dry and irritated. I was diagnosed with premature menopause.

My body felt suddenly strange to me. I began to research my options. I was already living a fairly healthy lifestyle, exercising regularly and eating right, but I could always switch it up and increase the intensity, so I did. I also incorporated a natural supplement: DON’T PAUSE. I knew that a 100 percent natural product would better fit my lifestyle and my goals.

I knew I’d made the right choice when my symptoms began to decrease. My sleep was less disrupted, and my moods were more relaxed. I had more energy for my day-to-day tasks, and my hot flashes decreased. Even my partner commented on how I seemed like I was back to my old self again. I’m glad. I wasn’t ready for menopause, and I certainly wasn’t ready to pause! DON’T PAUSE has kept me on track and feeling great.

Carissa from Richmond writes:
Natural Menopause Treatment Testimonials Carissa

One of my kids was in high school, one was going off to college and my partner’s career was in full swing when I began to go through menopause. At some point, I’d stopped paying attention to my own needs. I realized that needed to change. This was a really hard time for me. My nights were interrupted by night sweats, my days were exhausting and I felt increasingly stressed and anxious. My physical symptoms were bothersome and included breast tenderness, irregular periods, headaches and joint pain. The weight gain left me feeling sluggish and lethargic.

I needed to take control of my life. I knew I wasn’t taking care of myself, but I was so tired and stressed, I just didn’t have it in me to make the necessary changes. I was near the breaking point when I learned about DON’T PAUSE. An all-natural supplement, it contained plenty of healthy ingredients, like green tea extract, pomegranate and soy isoflavones. Within days, I began to feel more like myself, and within weeks, I was running regularly. I had begun to eat a healthier diet, and soon, I was even weight training. I’m healthier, more active and a better mom and partner now all thanks to DON’T PAUSE.

Josephine from Detroit writes:
Natural Menopause Treatment Testimonials Josephine

I didn’t really know what to expect from menopause. Many of the women in my family seemed to gain weight overnight, and I seemed to be following in their footsteps. I was hungry all the time, and I craved sweets. When I gave in to my cravings, I would feel irritable and tired.

My brain seemed to be full of a thick fog, and sometimes words wouldn’t even come out right. I started misspelling simple words when completing reports, and I’d stumble over my words in the middle of conversations. I would break down in tears throughout the day because I really thought I was losing my mind.

I finally talked to my sister about this, and she gave me reassurance that it was all normal and that she had gone through the same thing a few years ago. She recommended DON’T PAUSE. I really don’t like taking pills, but this was an all-natural supplement, and it had such ingredients as black cohosh, pomegranate and green tea.

I didn’t actually feel better overnight, but the results were pretty rapid. As I regained my energy, I began to exercise. My body felt stronger and healthier, and I decided that changing my eating habits would help me better fuel it. DON’T PAUSE gave me back myself, and I recommend it to all my girlfriends now.

Carmen from Houston writes:
Natural Menopause Treatment Testimonials Carmen

My first hot flash was no big deal. I thought, “If this is menopause, I’ve got this covered!” Well, I had no idea what I was in for. It seemed like my entire life changed overnight. My brain felt like it was trudging through thick fog all day long, I was always angry, I cried at the drop of a hat and I couldn’t sleep. My breasts were sore, my periods were sporadic and sex was painful. I felt so hopeless when I thought of the rest of my life being spent like this.

I began to research online. I knew I wanted a natural remedy because I couldn’t stand to think of any more side effects. I found DON’T PAUSE. DON’T PAUSE has pomegranate, black cohosh, DHEA, green tea extract and other all-natural ingredients designed to boost my metabolism, restore hormonal balance and just help me feel better. I had to take two pills a day, which was totally doable, and I soon felt so much better.


I had so much more energy, and my brain fog subsided. My hot flashes lessened, too, both in intensity and frequency. I was able to start exercising more regularly, and I felt better about myself all around. The combination of supplements and lifestyle changes has helped me regain my life, and I am now back to enjoying the life I have always loved.

Jenny from Los Angeles writes:
Natural Menopause Treatment Testimonials Jenny

My first hot flash woke me up out of a sound sleep. I guess you would call it a night sweat. My heart was racing, and I was covered in sweat. I had several more over the course of a month, but they weren’t really regular, and they weren’t all that frequent. I didn’t really think it was menopause. It was mostly annoying. Over time, though, I felt irritable, short-tempered and unable to concentrate. I’d go to bed determined to get some sleep, and then I’d toss and turn all night. I’d finally fall asleep only to wake a few hours later, sometimes with a hot flash but sometimes just because I couldn’t sleep.


I just assumed it was all in my head, but things got worse. I was diagnosed with high cholesterol, and I started getting depressed. I was snapping at my husband and my daughter. Something had to change! My girlfriend told me about DON’T PAUSE. I was pretty skeptical, but I researched it, and it seemed like a good idea. It was all natural and had healthy ingredients like pomegranate and green tea. I took just two a day, and almost immediately, I noticed a difference.


I changed my diet, I began to exercise and I started getting more sleep. I felt so good! I had my energy back, I was able to remember my schedule without writing lists everywhere, and I could have an actual conversation with my husband without being sarcastic. DON’T PAUSE has made such a difference in my life! I’m a whole new person.

Rose from Dallas writes:
Natural Menopause Treatment TestimonialsI was 50 years old going on 35. Menopause wasn’t going to slow me down, or so I told myself. Unfortunately, it did slow me down. I can’t say my symptoms were terrible. My friend had much worse symptoms. I could really see her suffering with her night sweats and hot flashes. My symptoms were much less bothersome but still pretty irritating. They were more like mosquitos, but after all, even a single mosquito can be pretty obnoxious if you can’t stop it.

One day, I noticed my friend’s attitude changed. She seemed much happier and much more at peace. I couldn’t help but ask her, “What changed?” She told me she’d started taking a natural supplement called DON’T PAUSE, and she felt better than she had in years. Well, curiosity got the better of me. I got my own bottle and tried it.

It’s completely natural and has proven ingredients, like pomegranate, green tea, soy isoflavones, DHEA and black cohosh. My energy stores, which had gradually disappeared, were suddenly back. I was sleeping through the night again, and my moods were evened out. My hair and skin looked renewed, and I felt my confidence returning. Symptoms I hadn’t even realized I had were gone! Thanks to DON’T PAUSE, I have my groove back.

Linda from Minnesota writes:
Natural Menopause Treatment TestimonialsMenopause was the start of a new phase of my life, but the symptoms were incredibly bothersome. Although the lack of periods was incredibly freeing, the hot and cold flashes were uncomfortable, and the night sweats were interfering with getting a good night sleep. I was spending my days in a sleepy, sweaty, cold-chilled fog. This was not what I thought menopause would be. I wasn’t ready to try hormone replacement therapy (HRT), though.. Then I heard about DON’T PAUSE. DON’T PAUSE is 100 percent natural and uses such ingredients as pomegranate extract, DHEA and green tea. It stimulates the body’s metabolism, promotes collagen production and improves sex drive, all things I struggled with before taking DON’T PAUSE. As I began to take DON’T PAUSE, I noticed a gradual reduction in my symptoms, and eventually, they were barely noticeable. My skin is renewed, I have more energy, my muscles look more toned and I feel so much more rested. I am not having constant hot and cold flashes, and I can’t remember the last time I woke up with a night sweat. I’ve even been recommending DON’T PAUSE to all my friends!

Jasmine from Los Angeles writes:
Natural Menopause Treatment TestimonialsMenopause sneaked up on me. I didn’t expect to go through it until I was in my fifties, like my mother did, so when I began to have symptoms in my late 30s, I ignored them. I did notice I was more tired than usual, a little depressed and suffering from mood swings, but wasn’t until I began experiencing erratic periods and the classic hot and cold flashes of menopause that I realized something really was going on. My doctor did some blood work and confirmed my suspicions: My body was changing.

It was quite a shock, but the physical symptoms were really interfering with my life. I needed to get control of them. I made some lifestyle changes, began to exercise more regularly, quit smoking and changed my diet. I started taking a multivitamin, but I was still having symptoms. My friend recommended DON’T PAUSE. DON’T PAUSE is all natural and has ingredients like pomegranate extract, which is a super antioxidant and keeps my skin looking fresh and smooth. It also has green tea and chromium picolinate, which have boosted my energy, while the DHEA has given me my sex drive back. Just because menopause came early doesn’t mean I have to stop doing the things I love, all thanks to DON’T PAUSE.

Kathy from New York writes:
Natural Menopause Treatment TestimonialsMenopause symptoms were running my life. Hot flashes were making my days miserable, and night sweats were disrupting my sleep. I felt depressed, anxious and stressed, and my relationships were suffering. If that wasn’t enough, my hair was thinning, my nails were peeling and my skin was becoming fragile and dry. I had heard it called “the change,” but I hadn’t realized it was going to change everything.

My friend introduced me to DON’T PAUSE. With natural ingredients like pomegranate, green tea extract and soy isoflavones, it is designed to promote healthier function. I suddenly was able to sleep all night long again, and I was no longer sticking my head in the freezer several times a day to cool down from a hot flash. I noticed an immediate boost in energy, which reduced my anxiety and depression, and I even felt good enough to start walking again. My skin felt firmer and more elastic, and I looked and felt 10 years younger! Even my hair had renewed bounce, and my nails felt stronger and stopped peeling.

I felt rejuvenated thanks to DON’T PAUSE. The special combination of antioxidants and other ingredients even relieved symptoms I hadn’t even realized were linked to menopause.


Claire from State College writes:
Natural Menopause Treatment TestimonialsI had always thought menopause just meant my periods ended. Boy, was I ever wrong! I would toss and turn before falling asleep, and then as soon as I’d drift off, I’d wake up with my heart racing, drenched in sweat and chilled to the bone thanks to night sweats. The hot flashes during the day weren’t so bad, but the night sweats were just horrible. My periods didn’t stop entirely, but they were so unpredictable and brought terrible symptoms, like painful breasts, agonizing cramps and backaches. I had horrible mood swings, was forgetful and depressed. I was snapping at my kids, snapping at my husband and even snapping at my coworkers. Something had to give!

Then I discovered DON’T PAUSE. It is a natural supplement, and it has ingredients like black cohosh, DHEA and pomegranate to help balance my hormones. I started feeling better almost immediately. My night sweats became less frequent, and I even noticed I had more energy. As I continued taking DON’T PAUSE, I started noticing that symptoms I hadn’t even realized were related to menopause were disappearing, things like thinning hair and brittle nails. I was finally feeling like me again thanks to DON’T PAUSE.

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